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New in version 25

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A new release during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay safe!


Web Mobile – Major Improvements
The Web mobile interface has been revised and includes significant functionality improvements and overall user experience changes. With better and easier to use navigation, clickable “rows” (simply tap to enter), handy menus and a lot more, the Web mobile has become closer to a native app experience than ever before.

 Web Mobile
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Charges – New Weekly View
An entirely new Charges window weekly interface allowing your team to easily log charges, track their daily and weekly charge-logging process and see daily and weekly summaries.

 Charges Weekly
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Accounts window
Easily and instantly filter the list of Accounts to show only Customers, Vendors, Partners or any other type of Account with a single click.

Account Types Pane


Passwords – Export
Administrators can now export customer passwords.
The export process audits access to each and every password being exported.


Web Logins Audit
Administrators can now access a detailed list of Web sessions showing who used the Web portal, when, from where, from which IP the session started from, and more.

Web Login Audit


Technical stuff
The Windows services use a unified new name pattern:
‘CRM Server’ – File name: CRMServer.exe.
‘CRM Web Interface’ – File name: CRMWebInterface.exe.
‘CRM RMM Server’ – File name: CRMRMMServer.exe.

Microsoft IIS URL follows the same pattern and its URL uses a new file name: CRM.dll (Configuration details).


And more…
General user experience improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements.




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