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RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link – Downloads – QBFC5

To integrate with QuickBooks, RangerMSP uses the direct API technologies offered by Intuit/QuickBooks – QBFC 5.0 and QBFC 7.0 (required for selected editions).

QBFC should be installed on every PC on your network on which you wish to use the RangerMSP-QuickBooks link.

QBFC 5.0 is required to work with the following editions of QuickBooks:
– QuickBooks US Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2004-2008
– QuickBooks Canada Pro/Premier 2004-2007 (NOT 2008+, use QBFC 7.0 instead)
– QuickBooks UK Pro 2004-2006 (NOT 2008+, use QBFC 7.0 instead)

It is recommended that you save the QBFC 5.0 installation file in the following folder and keep the original name for the downloaded file:

Save to Folder: :\RangerMSP\ThirdParty\QuickBooks\

Keep File Name: QBFC5_0Installer.exe

Click here to Download (~7.94 MB)

Note: It is important to ensure that your version of QuickBooks is the most updated version available. Refer to your QuickBooks documentation for instructions on downloading and installing updates.

To learn more about the features and benefits of the RangerMSP-QuickBooks link Click Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link from every PC on my local network?
Yes. RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link can be used from any PC on a LAN where RangerMSP and QuickBooks are installed.

After installing RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link, can I use RangerMSP on PCs where QuickBooks is not installed?
Yes, RangerMSP will continue to run normally on all PCs where QuickBooks is not installed. All RangerMSP users will be able to use Customer and Item data which has been synchronized from QuickBooks.

QuickBooks should be installed on PCs that will need to run the synchronization option.

Recommended: RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link user guide can be found here.