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Tickets are a key part of most service businesses, they are the lifeblood rushing through various arteries to and from the beating heart of your business. Tickets mean work and hopefully more billable hours (depending on the contract terms of course) and are generally good to have, unless they’re an indication of things going terribly wrong with your product or service in which case less tickets is probably better!

However regardless of the business or contract type, if there are tickets involved you can be sure that they will get around, one way or another… flying in from customers, being created and updated by technicians on and off-site, through the Web, via mobile devices and Windows clients, opened and closed and acted on in all manner of ways. Sometimes, amidst all this frenetic ticket activity you may find yourself needing to move a ticket or perform some action on a whole range of tickets and with the recent versions of CRM we’ve added some handy new features to help deal with those tricky ticket tasks more efficiently.

Move ticket to another accountIf you find yourself with a ticket which was accidentally linked to the wrong account you can easily move it to another account, hopefully the right account this time, along with all related data including charges, history notes and everything else which needs to go with it.

Sometimes you may have a large number of tickets which need to be removed from the Inbox and the last thing you want to spend your precious time doing is going one ticket at a time to remove them – you can easily do the whole lot as a batch and use your valuable time for more important tasks. Also besides the batch remove feature, tickets are automatically removed from the Inbox on completion. But that’s not the only batch feature, you can also do a batch update of the account region. For example if a customer moves their office to a new region and you have a large number of tickets showing their old region, it is now trivial to change them all to the new region code.

All these new Ticket management features can be easily reached through the Tickets > Tools menu in the CRM application and along with the many other new features recently added, we hope will contribute to a more effective and efficient workflow in your business.

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