SMB and the Cloud – Are You Ready?

Microsoft® has recently published the ‘Microsoft SMB Business in the Cloud 2012’ research report which was designed and conducted in conjunction with Edge Strategies Inc. in December 2011. The research questioned 3,000 SMBs that employ 2 to 250 employees across 13 countries worldwide, completed in December 2011.

SMB Cloud

From this research it is clear that there is a big opportunity for IT services providers and MSPs to serve as the central point of contact between their SMB clients and the different cloud solutions providers.

Most SMBs do not employ in-house IT consultants and most rely on service providers to manage everything related to technology in their business.

The research presents interesting findings and we thought of sharing some with you:

Of all surveyed SMBs:

  • 60% don’t have resources to implement new technologies and applications
  • 65% expect to be using cloud email services in the next 2-3 years.
  • 70% want to know where their data is located.
  • Voice communications, online backup and databases, and IM are also expected to be used by 1/2 of all companies. [within 2-3 years]
  • The number of very small companies (2-10 employees) using paid cloud services will triple in the next three years.
  • You can download the research from Microsoft’s Web site here.

    While we cannot tell whether or not things will end up exactly as the research suggests, one thing is clear – more and more SMBs will start using more and more cloud services and will need someone to handle it all for them.

    Are you ready for the job?

    Until next time,
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