Much Ado About To-do

When you need to get things done, you can’t go wrong with a good old trusty to-do list which helps you organize what needs to be done and by showing what has been done so far, also helps keep you motivated. To-do lists can take many forms but fundamentally are pretty much the same, whether they be written on paper or on a computer, however when they integrate with other systems or functions they can become even more useful. So without further ado we present to you the all new To-do Lists feature in version 8 of our CRM and PSA software for managed services providers!

To-do Lists

What do you do when you add a new Account to your CRM database? Probably there’s a whole list of steps you would normally do such as creating web logins, sending them to the customer, adding secondary contacts, etc etc. You can now create a simple To-do list with all those steps in and check them off one by one when done so you will know for sure exactly what was done and what wasn’t – no more trying to remember some obscure step in the process or missing something important!

What about Tickets? Probably you get many support requests which entail a common sequence of actions to resolve. Now you can whip up a To-do list for each of the common situations and run through the relevant list when a Ticket is created, saving time and effort and resulting in happier customers.

You’re probably thinking “Great! But how am I going to remember to create all those to-do list steps every time?!” Well we have you covered there as well since you can save any list as a Template and then simply select the appropriate Template from a drop-down list to add to the To-do list tab in the Tickets window. In fact you can add multiple lists if the need arises!

To-do lists are not just available in Accounts and Tickets, you can also create them in Assets, Contracts, Opportunities and Employees. In each section you can easily create and apply To-do List Templates and list steps can be dragged and dropped to change the order and in fact entire lists can be dragged and dropped if there are several on the tab. You will also see a section on the preview tab which tells you how many open To-dos you have for that Ticket or Asset or other.

Another useful feature of the To-do list is logging of who did what and when. In other words the system notes which employee marked a To-do step as done and displays that persons name next to the step in the list of completed steps – so now if someone messes up you’ll know who to blame and if it was you… well the cat’s out of the bag! 😉

Automatically applying To-do Lists can be done by adding them to Activity Templates so there’s no excuse not to use them! You can also generate Reports which include To-do lists using “Expanded Ticket Details2” and “Asset Details Including Configuration Note, Pending, To-do and History”.

As you know, our software is a PSA which means it’s all about professional services automation to improve workflows, enhance efficiency, capture more billable time and ultimately charge for that time. To-do lists are another big part of that effort and since they involve actual work being done, you can rest assured that you can easily charge for that work.

When a to-do task is marked complete you can immediately add a Charge for that specific step, directly from the To-do tab. You can also do this at any time, not just immediately afterwards and you can also charge for ALL completed steps at once. Now the multitude of little jobs you frequently do while working for a customer but perhaps don’t always charge for, can be easily billed – no more money slipping through the cracks!

We hope you find the new To-do List feature useful and it helps you get things done and bill for more time.

Until next time,
Success Team

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