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One of the perks of using a professional services automation (PSA) solution like ours is that you can use one platform to manage your entire workflow. Our PSA software countless tools coupled with bidirectional integrations with leading tools, like QuickBooks, GFI MAX, QuoteWerks, and Zenith, ensure that the app can be your one stop shop for all of your business activities.

This PSA software can even be your single address for getting access to support and community resources.

That’s right! For newcomers and veteran users alike, you don’t have to look beyond the homepage to get access to informative and experience enhancing tools.

Home Screen

Under the home screen’s “Service Management” tab, you can easily view and explore the different workflows that the the software helps you manage. In addition to laying out an easy to follow depiction of your workflow as a means of helping learn which modules to use in the various stages of your workflow, this home screen tab can actually link you to other CRM modules. So, as you follow the Ticket Management workflow, for example, which takes you on the path from “Manage Accounts” to either “Generate Charge Reports” or “Create QuickBooks Invoice” by way of “Create Ticket,” “Dispatch Ticket” and “Enter Charges,” you can actually access the corresponding modules by clicking on each task’s icon.

This simple feature enables you to save time familiarizing yourself with the app default workflow and corresponding modules.

The home screen also provides immediate access to additional business management tools, such as “Sales Opportunity” creation, “Generate Reports” and “Import and Export (data).”

While not a direct part of an IT support provider’s fundamental workflow, the various tools included in the home screen’s “Data Management” section are advantageous — helping you to both save time, increase efficiency and bolster your business.

By keeping these tools on the home screen, we ensure that you are aware of the tools’ existence, that the tools are easily accessible and that you can take full advantage of their various benefits.

Another worthwhile aid is the home screen’s Setting’s section. This section makes it easy for you to customize your overall experience! Following each one of the Setting’s links with a single click takes you to specific menus that walk you through the app customization options. From controlling the default Font settings to customizing templates, to controlling access to privileged information, the Settings’ menu simplifies the customization of this PSA software by making each customization tool one click away!

Similarly, by including user resources on the home screen, we ensure that you can get instantaneous access to a number of beneficial information and support related resources.

Both the home screen’s “Learn More” menu and the support navigation bar on the right hand side of the screen provide you with a number of resources to help you maximize your experience. With a single click, gain access to the support forums and online community, tutorial videos, user guides, the blog and the Twitter account.

These many resources can help you problem solve, gain new insights into the software tools and features, participate in the community interactions and learn about our latest news and activities.

Using the home screen, take full advantage of the app’s many tools and modules so that you can not only manage your business in one centralized system, but also master your PSA from one centralized system, as well!

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