CRM Launches “Drone Drop” Feature

In the next major release of our CRM software we have added a very special new feature which takes business automation to new heights. We have been working with a major partner for quite a long time now on something which we believe will make this Professional Services Automation software truly stand out from the crowd… we are calling this feature “Drone Drop“.

In the Assets window of the new version you will notice that there is a new button on the More Actions menu and also a link on the Asset Preview tab called Drone Drop. When you click this the Drone Drop window pops up for this Asset where you can enter the amount you would like to order and you can specify the time of delivery.

Drone Drop Interface

When you click the Confirm button the order is immediately sent through to Amazon and will be scheduled to be shipped out by their new state of the art drone delivery system.

What this means is that now with the click of a button a technician in the field (or in the office) can have a drone ship out a replacement disk for example, directly to the clients site where the technician can be waiting to install it. Emergency “rush deliveries” are possible with this system so if the tech is already on site and finds some critical hardware needs replacing, it can be immediately pushed out to the drone network which is fully automated and will ensure the item arrives promptly.

Drone Drop Drone

We hope you find “Drone Drop” a useful addition to your business, please do let us know how you get on with it.

Until next time,
Success Team

EDIT: Happy April Fools Day!

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