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New in version 22


New – Get automatic email alerts about your customers’ expiring warranties and licenses.

This new alert is turned-on by default. Use the proactive alerts settings of the Alerts Server feature to refine alerting to your preferences.


Web Mobile Enhancements

Enjoy plenty of useful improvements for a slicker mobile experience.

Less clicks and easier to use!

  • Add new tickets, charges, notes, anything with a single click on the new ‘+’ button.
  • Perform many different actions right from list views.
    Use the new ‘…’ button see all available actions in an-easy to use popped menu:

    Tickets list Actions Web Mobile
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  • Quickly enter edit mode using the new pencil icon, instant access to the Quick Charge feature using the ‘$’ button and easily label Tickets.

    Tickets Details Web Mobile
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Contracts – Automatic Renewals

Following the recently introduced automatic contract renewal feature we’ve just enhanced it further based on your input.

You now have better control over the date for automatically added Contract-price Charges, with a new option to preserve the intervals as are in the source contract.

Contract Renewal Settings


Renewal audits window

With everything renewing automatically it might have been hard to track what had been renewed and when. No more! With the new renewal audit window you get to see all the renewals history.

Contract Renewal Audit


New – Batch Complete Tickets

You can now use the new wizard to batch-complete Tickets (up to 100 at a time).

Batch Complete Tickets
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Application user interface improvements

  • Utilize more screen real estate with a new collapsable left side panel, great for laptops.

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  • New default search options in Assets – Simultaneously search by the Asset code, name and serial number.
  • New default search options in Items – Simultaneously search by the Item code and name.
  • Search panels throughout the app now have two modes – Basic and advanced. You can switch between them in a single click. This reduces “noise” to the eyes where in many cases using the basic mode is sufficient.

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  • Ticket workflow optimization – Less tab switching, write the resolution description right under the Ticket ‘General’ tab, that now hosts the Resolution field as well, just below the Description field, taking only the necessary height.

    Tickets Resolution field
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  • Preview tabs enhancement – When visiting the Preview tab of an Account, Ticket, Asset, Contract or Sales Opportunity, you can now click the section title to open the relevant tab.

    Clickable sections in Preview
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  • Tickets window – You can now hide the ‘Inbox’ and the ‘Recurring Templates’ tabs.

    Tickets windows hide tabs
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  • Tickets window – Status structure and Manage section on the left side pane are now collapsable.

    Status tree expanded/collapased
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  • Charges window – You can now hide the ‘Recurring Templates’ tab.

    Charges hide recurring
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  • A new and refined ‘Simple’ application layout mode.


Other improvements: Bug fixes and performance enhancements.



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