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New in version 21

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NEW – Contracts on Auto-Pilot!

You can now configure the recurring settings for Contracts and never touch it again. Contracts will be automatically renewed for the next period and optionally completed.

When the Contract is automatically renewed for the next period everything will behave exactly like when renewing manually or with the batch renewal. For example, all Contract-Price Charges will be added automatically under the new Contract for the next period.

The new automatic renewal feature provides easy control over future periods for the contract renewals. For example, for a yearly service agreement with the customer, that is monthly based, you can easily see and manage 12 monthly periods. When the year ends and the customer decides to renew for another year – simply add 12 future periods in a bulk, one click, and you’re done!

To track Contract renewals, the Live Data pane and the filters have been enhanced with new template queries.

Recurring Contracts

Recurring ContractsClick to enlarge

Recurring Contracts

===> Read more about Recurring Contracts


Web Interface – Speed!!!

A new page rendering engine has been developed and included in release.

Page rendering times is now up to 3X faster!

Give it a try!
Fast Web Interface


Tickets Free-Text Search!

The textual Ticket search has been rewritten providing improved speed and advanced free-text search options that quickly and simultaneously look for data in multiple data fields – The Ticket Problem, Resolution and Notes.

This new powerful free-text search supports using logical operators and wildcards.

Tickets – free text search

Tickets - free text searchClick to enlarge

===> Read more about Tickets Free-Text Search


Enhanced – Recurring Tickets and Recurring Charges

The latest new features: recurring tickets and recurring charges have been enhanced to let you define the start date for the recurrence to start from.

Streamlined Ticket Selections

The quick ticket selection list, which appears when you type in order to select a ticket, now hides completed Tickets. This significantly narrows down the number of tickets to choose from. For example, when choosing a Ticket from the new Charge window.

Hiding completed tickets is now the new default behavior for the ticket selection lists. You can go back to the old behavior from Tools > Options > Ticket-1 tab.

In various places you can also right-click the Ticket selection field in order to show or hide completed tickets in the list.

Hide/Show Completed Tickets

Hide/Show Completed Tickets

Items List – Sort Options

Control which sort option will be used by default for Items list – by Item name or code. Set your preference under Tools > Options > Charges and Items tab.

QuickBooks Link – Detect Linked Items

New predefined filter templates have been included in this release. These filters show you which Items are linked to QuickBooks and which are not. This works with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.
Item filters

QuickBooks Link and Xero Link – Batch Invoice improvements:

  • The total amount for all selected rows is shown at the bottom of the window.
  • Item filters

  • The default sort order for Charges, that become Invoice lines, can be selected when invoicing to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop or Xero under Tools > Options > QuickBooks tab.

  • Item filters


Summary Reports – Speed!

The following summary reports should generate much faster with this new version.
The more data the report crunches the higher the impact of this improvement.

Affected summary reports:

  • Number of Tickets by Account
  • Number of Tickets by Manager
  • Account Charges Summary
  • Employee Charges Summary
  • Itemized Account Charges Summary before Taxes (new report)
  • Itemized Employee Charges Summary


Other improvements:

  • To-dos & Charges – When adding a Charge from multiple done To-dos, the To-dos, automatically listed in the Charge description, are listed in the order they were marked as done!

  • Charges – A Contact column has been added to Charge lists.

  • Bug fixes and other performance enhancements.



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