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New in version 5.1

New! Email Templates:

Save time by creating Email Templates, predefined emails formats that can be used in different parts of the application when sending an email.

Emails can be sent by clicking the Email icon, available from various windows in the system. An Email Template can be designed as a plain text email or as a rich HTML one. Email Templates also let you easily merge data stored in the software right into the email Subject and Body.

See more details and learn how to set up this feature under Managing Email Templates section in the Setup Guide.

New! Email Connector – Email Threading (phase I):

In this version, the Email Connector now supports managing customer and employee replies, and automatically files them under the relevant ticket in the help desk module.

The Email Connector manages the email threads for you, so if a customer replies to your Support email in regards of a specific ticket, or if you, as a technician, reply to the customer and CC/BCC the Email Connector, this email will be automatically filed under the ticket in your PSA system. All email communication can be viewed under the Ticket Docs tab.

See more details under the Email Threading section in the Email Connector user guide.

New! Email Connector – Account identification by Domain Name:

The Email to Ticket feature can now match an incoming email to an Account in the CRM module based on the domain part of the Sender email address. This is in addition to the exact email match.

So if the Email Connector receives an email from one of your client’s employees, this employee does not exist as a secondary contact in the CRM, the connector will still be able to identify the Account and create a ticket for it based on the incoming email.

Domains should be specifically defined for your accounts. This is achieve simply by adding the customer domain name as one of the account predefined email addresses, or as an email address field of a secondary contact.

See more details under Matching by Domain Name section in the Email Connector user guide

Online Services Enhancemens:

A new great interface makes it easier to define new Online Services and easily select the fields you wish to merge from within the application.

It is now easier than ever to integrate with other systems and Internet Web sites. Check out the new options when adding a new Online Services option.

You can read more about Online Services in here.

API Interface Enhancements:

The XML-based API now can accept an external identifier which arrives with the incoming email transaction, and is transferred together with the response back to the sender, for easier transaction identification by the calling application.

Customer Portal Video Tutorial:

A new video tutorial is now available via the Customers Web Interface. Your customers can now learn how to open tickets and view their existing tickets. This video covers only the ticketing aspect of the customer portal interface. More Help and videos to come!

To watch the video, login to the Web Interface using a customer Web user, and click the Video Tutorial link at the top-left corner of the screen.

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