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Microsoft 365 Modern Authentication For Email (OAuth)

Microsoft announced that:

“…effective October 1, 2022, we will begin to permanently disable Basic Auth in all tenants, regardless of usage, with the exception of SMTP Auth.” (Source)

This new version of RangerMSP includes entirely new connection support to Microsoft 365 mail servers that utilize the OAuth protocol for both inbound email (POP3) and outbound email (SMTP).

IMPORTANT: RangerMSP customers using Microsoft 365 mail servers should upgrade to this new version and change their connection settings, so they cease using Basic Authentication and start using OAuth.

Learn more about how to configure OAuth with RangerMSP on our Wiki here.


New – Tickets: Manage structured details about Tickets

You can easily store and manage unlimited custom structured data using the new ‘Additional Details’ tab under Tickets. Within this tab, you can manage data sections containing any relevant data entries you need. You can even save sections that repeat themselves frequently as templates for future reuse with other Tickets. Each Ticket can hold an unlimited number of sections, each with its data entries.

For example, you could create a template to be used when the Ticket is about adding a new email address for a customer user. The data entries of this template will look something like this:

Distribution list: [DROPDOWN SELECTION]

So with a specific Ticket, when you use such a saved template, the Additional Details tab may look like this:

Name: Joe Doe
Distribution lists: Sales, Customer Support.

You can now use the new ‘Additional Details’ tab for Tickets whenever you want to store data in a predefined structure. This new feature helps you save time, avoid errors, and standardize your business workflows.


New – Ticket Templates – To-do lists tab

Ticket templates let you quickly add a new ticket and have many of the details already filled in. It helps you speed up new Ticket creation and have complete information.

In this new version, Ticket templates let you define a list of To-dos automatically added to the new Ticket created from the template. To-dos as part of the template is a perfect fit as templates represent recurring issues and commonly have the same steps to resolve, which can now be described by storing To-dos directly as part of the Ticket Template.

While creating a Ticket based on the template, RangerMSP will automatically add the To-dos to the newly created Ticket!


New – Recurring Ticket Templates – To-do lists tab

Recurring Tickets is a great automation option that lets you automate new Tickets creation based on a defined schedule. You no longer have to remember to handle repeating tasks, e.g., verify that the backup runs. It also saves you time and automatically logs all the information under the automatically created Ticket. Such data can also include Charges!

With this new version, recurring Tickets now natively support To-dos. When defining a recurring Ticket, you can now list the actions you need to follow as To-do items. It is most likely that each time you need to follow the same steps, you can now document them natively as To-dos and have them ready for you to follow and execute with each instance of the recurring Ticket.



Bug fixes and performance enhancements.




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