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New in version 28

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New – Built-in email client

Need to quickly reply to a customer? Need to send an email while running RangerMSP over RDP on a server that doesn’t have Outlook installed?

With this new version you can simply use the brand new built-in lightweight email client.

It’s easy to use, accessible from within the client app, and you don’t need to install anything else in order to use it.


  • New email messages can be sent from any window within RangerMSP simply by clicking the existing ‘Email’ button or using the ‘Send Email’ menu option.

  • Emails are automatically filed in RangerMSP under the relevant entity – Customer Account, specific Sales Opportunity, relevant Asset or Ticket, etc.

  • The recipients’ email addresses are automatically taken from the record you send the email from. It takes the customer’s account email address, the contact, other recipients that may be listed for tickets, and more.

  • You save time by using Email Templates when composing an email.

  • You can switch between using Outlook and using the built-in Email client in a single click.

  • You can compose rich text email body messages using Markdown:

    • Embed external links (URL)
    • Bold and Italic text styling.
    • Header texts.
    • Bullet lists.
    • More…


Technical note: In case your outgoing mail server isn’t already configured, you will need to configure it once in order to start sending emails using the new built-in email client. Click here for the detailed instructions.

Example 1 – Emailing a Quote:


Example 2 – Email messages sent using the build in email client are automatically filed under the History tab:


Example 3 – Select additional recipients from your Accounts or Contacts list or by typing any email address manually:


The Big Picture – Automatic Status Updates By Email
Need to get a grasp on the big picture? Start using this new feature to receive a daily email update summarizing the current activity that concerns you. It is a great tool to help you stay on top of things more easily.

The daily summary includes things like:

  • Open Tickets assigned to you.
  • Upcoming appointments.
  • Open tasks.
  • Recently logged charges.
  • Open sales opportunities and quotes.
  • Asset warranties about to expire.
  • More…

The content of the status update is customizable per-user and it reflects the view you have configured for yourself in the Home Board window.

The status update also includes links that take you directly to the relevant record in the Web app, so you can dive into the details when needed.

Each user can schedule the app to send an update more than once a day, per their preferred schedule.


Direct Dialing Using a Modern Phone System

Using a phone system to call customers? The new dialing option within RangerMSP allows you to use and launch the connected phone application directly from within the app. You can use Microsoft Teams Phone System, 3CX, Google Voice, Skype etc.

The new dialer option will automatically launch the default application associated on your PC with the TEL: protocol.

When using a system that uses other calling protocols, e.g. SIP/SIPS/Callto, you can easily configure the app to use this protocol instead of the default TEL protocol.

Example: Dialing from RangerMSP client using using Skype:


Need to dial from your mobile or when using the Web interface? You’re covered too, the new dialing option works from various places within the Web interface, including its mobile interface, and triggers the device’s default phone dialer.

Clickable phone numbers for direct dialing when using the Web interface:



And more…
General user experience improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements.




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