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New in version 23

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Office 365 Calendar Sync – Plugin

Sync your CRM calendar directly with your Office 365 calendars.
Two-way sync that also supports server-side background syncing for all users.

This is an optional new third-party plugin, fully fulfilled and supported by us. Learn more.


Automate & Save time – Recurring Charges in Recurring Tickets

Recurring Tickets are created automatically based on a predefined schedule. In this version, we added the option to add pre-configured Charges to these tickets. This way you can automate recurring tasks that you need to bill for and track their activity. It also prevents you from forgetting to log Charges for recurring activities, because you can define all required charges in advance and they will be added automatically to the recurring ticket.

Recurring Charges in Recurring Tickets
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Reassign Assets to other Account

Have you ever moved a device from one customer to the other?
Do you lease equipment?
Do you provide temporary replacement devices while the customer’s device is being repaired?

With this new version you can simply move an existing Asset to another customer Account while preserving the entire service history of the Asset.


Provide Service for an Asset under a Specific Contract

Sometimes when providing service for specific Assets, the work should be provided under a dedicated warranty or per-Asset service contract, unlike under the customer’s standard service contract.

With this new version you can streamline this process by configuring a default Contract for an Asset. This way when opening a new ticket and linking it to a specific asset, the ticket’s Contract is automatically set to the default Contract configured for the Asset! This saves time and leave less room for mistakes. In addition, the system is flexible and you can always decide that a specific job related to this Asset will nevertheless be handled under a different contract (i.e. not the one set for the Asset).

Default Contract for an Asset
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Automated Rules for Assigning a Ticket Manager

This new option helps you automatically assign tickets to the correct person in your team. The assignments rule settings allow you to choose a field on which the rule will be based on.

For example, you can choose the Ticket Type field and each type value will be assigned to a different person. Let’s say “Server Admin” Tickets will be assigned to one person, “PC Installations” to another, “Billing” related issue to the accounting person, etc.

The Rules affect new Tickets created by any of your employee users and can be based on one of the following Ticket fields: Type, Priority, Category, Cause, Status, Status, Source, Field1, Field22, Field3 or Status Extension.

Automated Rules for A Ticket Manager


New Granular Ticket Privilege – Closing Tickets

This new feature provides you with more granular control over which users on your team can or cannot close Tickets.
Permission to close Tickets


New – Import Charges

With this new feature you can now import charges from external sources.
Whether you have systems that automatically log technician’s travel, or you have users logging time in Excel, or you need to bring Charges into the PSA from any other system, you can now use the powerful Charge import tool to achieve this.
So far such options have only been available through the user of our API. This new tool brings this power to every user on your team, ending up capturing more billable items that might have otherwise been overlooked.


Asset Import & Account Import – Enhancements

Several different enhancements have been included in these import tools in order to streamline the import process and simplify it, such as with automatic detection of Accounts based on the Account Number, File As…, or Record Identifier fields.


Better Overview of Your Business – New Reports

  • Weekly Tickets Summary by Accounts
  • Weekly Tickets Summary by Employees
  • Weekly Tickets Summary by Employees and Accounts
  • Annual Tickets summary by Accounts
  • Annual Tickets summary by Employees
  • Annual Tickets summary by Employees and Accounts
  • Charges report – Grouped by Item

Annual Ticket Summary
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System Global Contract Enhancement

Define default Item to the Global System Contact so it’ll be used automatically whenever a new Charge is added under this Contract, unlike under a specific Customer contract. This reduces the time required for users to log such charges eliminating the need to pick the Item manually over and over again.

Default items for System Contract


Charges – New Data Fields: ‘Field2’ and ‘Field3’.

Many users have been using the Charge Field1 data field for many different purposes, from marking them with an additional status, to preserving some IDs of third party systems, to record the customer PO number, etc.

While this was useful, in many cases a single field wasn’t enough.

With this new version SysAdmin users can enable the support for two new additional custom fields: Field2 and Field3. This can be enabled under Tools > Options > Charges tab.

This opens the door for many more implementation options.

Such data fields can also be pushed to your accounting software, QuickBooks or Xero, as part of the Invoice Line created from the Charge.

Charges data fields


Quotes – New Subtotal

A new Subtotal is displayed – It totals the amounts before any taxes have been applied.

Quote Subtotal


QuickBooks Desktop – ‘To be printed’ / ‘To be emailed’

With this new version you can now configure, in the PSA(!), a ‘To be printed’ and ‘To be emailed’ default settings per customer Account. These settings will then affect the Invoice the app creates in QuickBooks Desktop, accordingly. This enhancement bypasses some limitations of the QuickBooks Desktop API helping you streamline the invoicing operation.

Quickbooks Desktop Account Settings


QuickBooks Invoicing Wizard – Enhancement
When invoicing to QuickBooks you can now use the quick-preview buttons to quickly view the details of the relevant Account, Ticket or Contract all without having to navigate to the full-blown interface window.

Quickbooks wizard quick preview


Other improvements: Bug fixes and performance enhancements.



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