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New in version 19

The following covers most of the changes included in this new version.

New! Billing Plans

Save time, standardise your billing operations and have more control over your contracts.

Billing Plans are live billing templates that can be assigned to Contracts and affect their billing aspects from a centralized location, saving time and leaving much less room for errors.

You can create your own Billing Plans or pick predefined ones, to streamline Contract management and customer billing.


  • Easily manage common contract types: MSP agreements, Software subscriptions, ‘All-you-can-eat’ arrangements, Help desk services, and more.
  • Centralized Billing Settings that allow you to choose which types of services and products are covered and which are not covered by the contract, and apply them to all relevant Contracts automatically.
  • Centralized Custom Pricing settings that is applied to all assigned Contracts automatically.
  • Faster new Contract creation by managing default values for new Contracts created under the plan.
  • Streamlined Contract price management by defining the price structure of new Contracts assigned to the plan.
  • Easily view and manage all the Contracts that are assigned to each plan.


Billing Plans

Billing PlansClick to enlarge

== > Read more about using Billing Plans


NEW! Private Reminder Notes

Instantly schedule and attach a private reminder to anything!

  • Want to follow up on a lead in 14 days?
  • Need to check something with a specific Charge at the end of the month?
  • Want to be reminded to review a Ticket in 3 days?
  • Need to attach a private note to an Account? Contact? Asset?

You can now easily add a private note with an optional reminder to almost any entity in the software – Accounts, Tickets, Charges, Assets, Quotes, Sales Opportunities and more.

These reminder notes are private so only you see them. You can easily schedule the note to pop a reminder within the app, and also to be emailed to you on a specific time!

Private Reminder Note

Billing PlansClick to enlarge


Contract Enhancements

  • New! Set a Contract series as the default Contract for the Account.In many cases more than one Contract exist for an Account. For example, an MSP Contract, a one-off Project Contract and a software subscription Contract. However, only a specific Contract series should be usually used for new Tickets.

    With this new version you can set a Contract series as the default for the Account and the billing module will automatically pick the correct Contract from the series.

    Set default contract series for the Account

    Set default contract series for the Account

  • The Custom Pricing and Custom Settings are now accessed from the Contract General tab. In case the Contract is assigned with a Billing Plan, the plan settings will be displayed.

    Contract custom pricing and settings

    Contract custom pricing and settings


  • New column in the Contract List that shows the initial block value for block Contracts.

    Contract list

  • Global System Contract – The Global System contract is used in cases you do not have special terms with a customer. Starting with this version, you can now have full control over the billing settings for the Global System contract! For example, you can configure Item level exceptions, such as setting a specific Item as Not-Billable or preventing a specific item from being used when adding Charges to this contract. The Global System contract can now also be renamed if you wish to better reflect the way you use it.

    Billing PlansClick to enlarge


Immediate Access from Lists

Quickly preview or open-in-a-new-window the linked Account, Ticket, Asset and any other entity details right from list. While viewing lists simply select a record and use the new dotted icon to open the relevant menu.

Quick access


New Ticket Reports

The following new Ticket reports were added. Such reports are already sorted and grouped by Ticket Status:

  • Tickets List by Status
  • Tickets List by Account and Status.
  • Tickets List by Manager and Status


Web interface Enhancements

  • New! Support for the new Private Reminder Notes feature (see above). Be reminded about everything easily!You can also see all your due private reminder notes under the Home Board in the Web Interface.
  • Mobile enhancements -Shorter and friendlier New and Edit pages for mobile devices. The new pages make adding and editing any type of entity much easier and requires less taps and scrolls. You can still use a more detailed editing page by clicking the ‘Show more’ link.


Additional Enhancements

  • Live Data pane: Showing hours log as a decimal number.
  • QuickBooks Online Link: Technical changes following Intuit’s new requirement to connect to QuickBooks Online solely over the TLS 1.2 protocol for better security. Earlier versions of the app might shortly get blocked to connect by Intuit®.
  • Email Connector: The sender name is used as Contact name for new secondary contacts automatically created from emails.
  • Alerts Server: Users can now receive email alerts for changes they perform themselves.
  • Bug fixes & Performance enhancements!




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