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Remote sessions guide

RangerMSP’s installed client application can be used via remote session to either your office PC or server. Customers may also access RangerMSP through the Web interface.

SQL Database for RangerMSP
In order to use RangerMSP over remote sessions you should use an additional product SQL Database for RangerMSP.

The SQL Database for RangerMSP provides additional benefits such as making RangerMSP even faster and more robust, enabling live backups (e.g. while the system is in use), making the RangerMSP Windows client run faster over a VPN connection, and more.

To read more about SQL Database for RangerMSP click here or contact us directly for additional information.

RangerMSP Web Interface
RangerMSP Web Interface provides an alternative solution for working remotely. Our Web interface lets your technicians and customers log in to the system using a standard Web browser and view/add/modify all related data, track their open tickets, view next schedules etc. You can read more about it here.

Trial users can also install RangerMSP Web Interface (the trial installation is fully functional and includes all modules). To install the RangerMSP Web Interface please follow these instructions.