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SQL Database for CommitCRM

The CommitCRM system provides a reliable, advanced and network-ready shared file-based database.

The SQL Database for CommitCRM is an optional product for the CommitCRM product. SQL Database for CommitCRM includes a SQL-based client/server database server that provides a robust solution for larger networks with many concurrent users and a high-database transaction volume. It provides bulletproof data integrity on networks and increased speed.

SQL also grants you the license to use CommitCRM remotely when using technologies such as Terminal Services or Citrix. This allows remote users to run CommitCRM through a remote session on the server. We also recommend our CommitCRM Web Interface module for remote users.

Live Backup – SQL allows you to backup your data while the system is in use without stopping users and services from working. Everyone can continue working as usual while the backup is performed in the background. Live Backups can also be scheduled and run automatically at defined intervals.

SQL withstands power blackouts, workstation lockups and system crashes without any data loss or corruption. All data access is handled and double-checked on the server, not by each workstation, providing maximum protection. Only the data needed is transmitted across the network wire, a particularly valuable feature for larger databases and a high volume of users on the network. SQL installs in minutes and works effortlessly behind the scenes to protect your data and increase CommitCRM’s speed.

There are no ongoing administrative costs. SQL Database for CommitCRM runs on your server and almost never require any user intervention, settings, periodic maintenance, etc.

VPN – SQL increases performance when using the CommitCRM client over a VPN connection. Data is compressed and only the required data has to travel to/from the server. It also works faster via VPN because CommitCRM executable files can reside on the remote PC. Use CommitCRM over VPN when the the faster option of using it over remote sessions such as RDP is not available.

SQL Database for CommitCRM is an optional add-on product that is licensed and priced according to the number of concurrent open connections to the database, meaning the number of PCs, servers or terminal services sessions who access the SQL database server at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already entered data into CommitCRM; will my data be secure after installing SQL?
Yes. All your data and settings will be retained and available following installation of SQL.

How can I determine whether if I need SQL?
SQL is only required when:
1. Your LAN is growing, with an increasing number of concurrent users and a higher database-transaction volume.
2. You want to use remote technologies such as Terminal Services to open a session on your server for remote users.

Does SQL provide additional features to users?
No. SQL is a technology-oriented product. Although SQL enhances CommitCRM’s functionality for larger networks with many concurrent users and a high database-transaction volume and grants the license to use CommitCRM remotely, the feature set of the CommitCRM system remains the same.

Does SQL Database for CommitCRM use Microsoft SQL Server?
No. SQL Database for CommitCRM uses one of Sybase’s database server products, Advantage, as the backend. This helps us achieve high performance, a bulletproof database and a high level of data integrity. It is also easy to install and requires a minimum of ongoing administration.

What operating systems are supported?
You need a server running Windows 2003/2008/2012/2016 Server, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. The SQL Database server runs as a Windows service.

What is the difference between CommitCRM licensing and SQL licensing?
The CommitCRM system is licensed and priced according to the number of Active Employees managed in the system, regardless of the number of network PCs on which the CommitCRM Client is installed. The price only increases when it is necessary to purchase additional Active Employee licenses (i.e. manage additional employees in your CommitCRM system). This licensing scheme does not change when using SQL and SQL licenses do not replace the need for Active Employee licenses for CommitCRM.

SQL is an optional add-on product that is licensed and priced according to the number of concurrent open connections to the database, meaning the number of PCs, servers or terminal services sessions who access the CommitCRM database server at the same time.

When using SQL you can still install CommitCRM Client on as many PCs on your network as needed, but the number of PCs, Servers or Terminal Services sessions who can use CommitCRM simultaneously is limited to the number of SQL concurrent-connection licenses you’ve purchased.
SQL server can be purchased initially with licenses for 5, 10, or 15 concurrent connections. To customize you system for a larger number of connections (up to 250), you can purchase additional 5-SQL-connection packages.

For example, if you manage 15 employees in CommitCRM, you need 15 Active Employee licenses. When you decide to use SQL you may find that you only need to purchase a 5 concurrent connections license if no more than 5 users are running CommitCRM on your local network at the same time.

Do CommitCRM Web Interface, CommitCRM Alerts Server, CommitCRM Email Connector or CommitCRM RMM Server also use SQL?
Yes. CommitCRM Web Interface (for customers and/or employees), CommitCRM Alerts Server, CommitCRM Email Connector and CommitCRM RMM Server take full advantage of SQL. You should keep in mind that they utilize a total of one additional concurrent SQL connection license. Just one SQL database connection license is needed for all of these modules, no matter how many modules are in use or how many employees or clients connect via the CommitCRM Web Interface.

Will I ever need to upgrade SQL Database for CommitCRM?
Like many other commercial products, you may be required to upgrade when a new major version is released. This will most likely be when the backend database server we use, Sybase’s Advantage, releases a new major version, which usually occurs every couple of years.

Does CommitCRM Upgrade Plan include free SQL updates?
The SQL Database for CommitCRM is an additional product that includes third-party licenses and therefore only minor SQL updates are included, while major version upgrades are not. SQL major version upgrades are usually released once every two years and are offered for an attractive price that is considerably lower than a new SQL license.