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CommitCRM – Continuum Link

CommitCRM-Continuum Link

CommitCRM-Continuum Link module is a bidirectional integration that helps you manage and track RMM Tickets with greater ease and increased efficiency. Through the integration, you can take full advantage of Continuum’s RMM technology while managing your RMM Tickets from CommitCRM, the same centralized location that you manage the rest of your Tickets and business activities.

By keeping all Tickets in one system, it helps ensure that you don’t miss any of your Tickets by managing multiple platforms.

With CommitCRM-Continuum Link, Continuum Tickets are automatically pushed into CommitCRM in order to be managed, resolved and recorded in CommitCRM. Upon closing the Tickets in CommitCRM, this bidirectional integration automatically closes the Tickets in Continuum and you can also assign Tickets back to Continuum’s NOC and Virtual Desk as well as add and view comments.

In addition to sharing Ticket information between the two platforms, this integration also links Continuum Sites with CommitCRM Accounts and Continuum Devices with CommitCRM Assets. So, not only does this integration help you manage Ticket items, but it also provides you with a more detailed picture of your relationship with your clients and of the history of the various Assets you are managing.

By having access to this information, you can improve your customer relationships, expedite and streamline the management of RMM Tickets, and capture Asset details with greater ease.


  • Save time – by automating processes so you don’t have to do them manually.
  • Increases efficiency – by getting instant access to Continuum detected issues regarding MSP managed devices and being able to manage all Tickets in one centralized system.

  • Increases your Customer Satisfaction – by helping you respond faster, follow-up sooner, and tailor your services to your customers.

  • Minimize the occurrence of duplicate, redundant and wrong data common with manual data entry.
  • Manage all service tickets in one central locations – CommitCRM.

CommitCRM-Continuum Link

The features offered by the CommitCRM-Continuum Link module include:

  • Automatically creates Continuum Tickets in CommitCRM for easier management.
  • Easily links Continuum Devices with CommitCRM Assets.
  • Easily Links Continuum Sites with CommitCRM Accounts.
  • Automatically enables you to see the entire service history for Assets in CommitCRM – both for native CommitCRM Tickets and Continuum Tickets.

  • Two-way Sync: Closing a Ticket in CommitCRM automatically closes a Ticket in Continuum.
  • Reassign Tickets in CommitCRM to Continuum’s NOC.
  • Add comments to Tickets in CommitCRM that will be sent to Continuum.
  • Create new Tickets in Continuum from Tickets in CommitCRM.
  • Enables review of a detailed audit of sync changes.
  • Integrated with Labels for automatically assigning a default label to Tickets created by the Continuum Link.
  • Take advantage of Continuum RMM technologies while managing Continuum Tickets with the efficiency-inducing tools available in CommitCRM.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the system requirements for the CommitCRM-Continuum Link?
– CommitCRM version 5.6 or higher.
– An active account with Continuum Infotech Ltd.
– License for CommitCRM-Continuum Link module.

Which record types are synchronized?
– CommitCRM Accounts are linked to Continuum Sites.
– CommitCRM Assets are linked to Continuum Devices.
– CommitCRM Tickets and synced with Continuum Tickets.

Is the sync bi-directional?
Yes, the CommitCRM-Continuum integration is bidirectional meaning that a Ticket opened in Continuum automatically opens a Ticket in CommitCRM under the relevant Account. When the Ticket in CommitCRM is closed the Ticket in Continuum is automatically closed.

Can Tickets be assigned to Continuum NOC after they have been sent to CommitCRM?
Tickets in CommitCRM can now be reassigned to the Continuum NOC. Also, by closing a Ticket in CommitCRM, the Ticket is automatically closed in Continuum.

Can Tickets be managed in Continuum after they have been sent to CommitCRM?
No, once the Continuum system is configured to sync with CommitCRM, the entire management of the Ticket is performed within the PSA. The Tickets are still visible in Continuum and the Ticket number issued by CommitCRM is also listed within Continuum. Even though you can view the Ticket in Continuum, the Ticket must be managed in CommitCRM.

Can I try it?
Yes, CommitCRM trial includes this module for you to test and use. Follow the instructions in the CommitCRM-Continuum Link guide (found here) to install the module.