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Getting Started

Advanced Use

What is Ticket Status used for?

The Ticket Status field allows you to check whether a ticket has just been opened, whether it was scheduled with a technician, whether it is awaiting information from a customer, or whether it was resolved and closed. The predefined statuses represent a typical work-flow, including awaiting in-house and on-site service, sending a device to an external laboratory or having the Ticket in Hold due to issues with the customer. You can also add history notes to document the exact steps taken with this Ticket.

The system comes with the following predefined statuses:

  • New
  • Pending
  • Scheduled (automatically set when dispatching a Ticket)
  • In-House Service
  • On-Site Service
  • Laboratory Service
  • Hold
  • Other


  • Cancelled
  • Completed

Note that the Scheduled status is a special status because the application automatically sets a Ticket as Scheduled when Dispatching the Ticket via the Dispatcher. See more details in Dispatching a Ticket.

Each status can be renamed if you want to better fit the Status name to your work-flow. To rename the statuses, go to Tools > Options > Tickets (Admin) > Click Customize Status Values.

Can my customers log new tickets in the system?

When the RangerMSP Web Interface for Customers is in use, your customers can login to RangerMSP remotely using a web browser and can view data that is relevant to them. This includes open Tickets, closed Tickets and scheduled technician visits. Customers can also add new Tickets.

See more ways to let your customers create Tickets in Keeping Your Customers In Touch With You.

Can my customers receive email alerts when a new Ticket is created and when a Ticket is Closed?

Yes, when using RangerMSP Alerts Server customers can receive automatic email alerts for new Tickets and when Tickets are closed. See more details in Alerts to Customers.

Can I modify the ticket status descriptions to ones more relevant to us?

The Ticket Status name can be changed to fit various workflows. To rename the Ticket Status:

  • Go to Tools > Options > Tickets (Admin) tab and click Customize Status Values.
  • Another way to rename the values is by right-clicking the Status field in the Ticket window, and from the pop-up menu select Customize Status Values.

Note: This should be done by a user with administrator privileges.

Can I print the tickets details from the main Tickets window?

In the Ticket window, click the Print icon in the toolbar. This will print the default report defined for Tickets. To change the default report, go to Tools > Options > Tickets (Admin) and in Default Detailed Report select another report format

Alternatively, click the arrow next to the Print icon in the toolbar and select the report you wish to print.

You can also customize a ticket report by designing one that suits your needs.
For more information, see Report Customization.

Can I change the default Ticket detailed report printed from the Tickets window?

Yes. To set your default Tickets report, go to Tools > Options... > Tickets tab, and select the report you wish to be your 'Default Detailed Report'.

How can I have internal Account notes display when an employee is creating a new Ticket?

You can add internal notes to an Account by using the Service tab in the Accounts window.

Internal notes are only visible to employees (customers using the web interface will not be able to see them). These notes are displayed every time an employee creates a new Ticket.

For example, you can use the Notes field for notes like "Hasn't paid yet," and each time a Ticket is created for this customer, this note will be displayed.

Internal notes can also be added at the Contract level (in the Contracts window >Details tab). These notes will be displayed along with the Account internal notes when a new ticket is being created that is assigned to a particular contract.

Internal notes are also visible when using the RangerMSP Web Interface for Employees.
When creating a new Ticket, click on -/+ near the Account and/or Contract name and the notes will be displayed.

Please note that the service 'Description' field is visible to both employees and customers, while service 'Internal Note' is visible only to employees.

What is a Ticket Due Date?

The Ticket Due Date field helps you make sure you solve open issues on time.

When the due date has passed, and the Ticket is still open, the system will display the due date in red to draw your attention.

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