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Using VPN mode will give you full access to all RangerMSP features remotely.

When working remotely via VPN, the SQL Database for RangerMSP add-on is required.


Each remote PC should be configured to connect over VPN as follows:

  1. Copy all files from the <server>\RangerMSP\Client folder into a local folder on your remote PC - the user logged into Windows should have full access rights and all privileges to this local folder, so C:\RangerMSP may be best here.
  2. In the same local folder create a new file text called CRM.ini
  3. Edit this file and add the following tokens:
  4. Save and then run the local copy of RangerMSP.exe file (found under C:\RangerMSP\... or the local folder you created).
  5. Select the ‘VPN’ option when logging into RangerMSP – this check-box will be displayed just below the user credentials fields in the login Window.

Server configuration:

Run 'Advantage Configuration Utility' on your server and change the following setting for compression to "Internet":


In case you get error 6420 then you should configure an ADS.ini file and store it under C:\RangerMSP (you can learn more about it here).