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Many companies use Terminal Services & Citrix to allow their employees to login & participate with their Local Area Networks from remote locations, so that they can access network servers normally unavailable to users not physically connected to the network.

RangerMSP supports use with "Citrix", and "Terminal Services", when the RangerMSP system is teamed with the SQL Database for RangerMSP. The SQL can be added to any existing RangerMSP system, without having to migrate or transfer information from database to database.This means that all your data, configurations, customizations and settings are 100% reserved when implementing SQL with your RangerMSP system.

Working with SQL Database for RangerMSP

When working via Terminal Services, this requires using the SQL – you can find more details on the SQL version here and on the licensing and pricing here.

Note that the SQL is not part of the RangerMSP trial, so if you want to test this during a trial period, contact us here.

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