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Is there a way to sync outlook for all users silently and automatically? Perhaps from the server?.

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Yes, you can do this by running a single application, and using the "Sync for Others" with the Auto-Sync option. This is not a pure "server" solution, but it will let you run a single application on the server, and have it automatically sync for everyone in the office.

What you can do in order to activate the Outlook sync automatically is as follows:

  1. On you server, run the RangerMSP application and login with a user (any user). Note that there is no problem to login with the same user name as many times as you wish.
  1. Activate the Tools > Synchronize Outlook > Sync Other Users Data option and make sure you are able to sync for everyone else in the office (each user should set up their Outlook sync settings to allow others to sync for them from Tools > Options > Outlook.
  1. After making sure this works, you can then activate it automatically using Tool > Synchronize Outlook > Auto Sync > Sync Other Users Data.

For more details see also Automatic Sync and Syncing Other Users Data

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