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(Requires RangerMSP 12 and up)

This syncing program allows to sync RangerMSP with Outlook for all employees without having to run RangerMSP client.

To use this program run the following file from the server/networked-PCs:



  • Syncs for all employees that allow others to sync for them, see Syncing Other Users Data
  • The sync runs repeatedly and syncs Outlook/Exchange folders automatically.
  • Automatically skips employee Outlook/Exchange folders it cannot access, through Outlook, and moves on syncing the next folder it has access to.
  • The program can be included in the log-in script so it starts syncing automatically the moment you log into any PC or the server.
  • The program is designed to run concurrently from any number of PCs on your network as well as your server.
  • All syncs can run simultaneously without conflicting with one another.
  • An audit log of the syncing activity is displayed in the program window.

Backup: When a RangerMSP backup runs the program stops syncing automatically during the backup and then start syncing again after the backup is complete.

Permissions: The sync program uses a locally installed copy of Outlook and can sync Outlook/Exchange folders the Outlook program (and the Windows logged in user) has full access to.