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Troubleshooting > Web Interface Troubleshooting

Changing CRMWebInterface.ini parameters does not take effect

Solution: After modifying <Installation_DIR>\RangerMSP\WebInterface\CRMWebInterface.ini, restart RangerMSP WebInterface service for the changes to take effect.

Cannot login using newly defined web users

Solution: If you cannot login using web users you've just created/enabled, please note that it may take up to five minutes until your new settings take effect, and that the password is case sensitive.

No response from the server (seeing a blank page or an access error message)


  1. If a connection cannot be established through the Internet/LAN, and the RangerMSP WebInterface service is running, make sure no other applications or services on the server are using the same port as that set for RangerMSP Web Interface, and that you have set up the correct IP/URL address.
  2. If a connection cannot be established through the internet, but can be established on your LAN, make sure you have opened up the port used by RangerMSP Web Interface in your firewall/proxy. You can test internet access to the port using My Port Checker.
  3. A common problem which can result with no response from the server, relates to DEP (Data Execution Prevention). You should open Window's DEP settings and allow RangerMSP WebInterface service to accept connections.
    DEP can be found under System Properties -> Advanced -> Performance - Settings -> tab DATA EXECUTION PREVENTION.
    Make sure you allow the RangerMSP WebInterface service (its executable is found in <server>\RangerMSP\WebInterface\CRMWebInterface.exe)
    Usually this requires reboot of the server for the changes to take effect.
Session timeout is too short

Solution: If a user doesn't perform any action within a specified period of time his session expires and he needs to reenter the system. The default timeout value is 60 minutes. You can modify the default by editing the TimeOutAmount value in file <Installation_DIR>\RangerMSP\WebInterface\CRMWebInterface.ini

Can't download documents from the web interface

Solution: Using the Web Interface, employees can download RangerMSP documents which are located on your server, directly from the browser.
In order to allow file downloads, you should first map the folder locations for the download, so that the Web Interface Service will be able to access them for download. You can also define folders which will deny download, in case you need to protect sensitive information from being accessed via the web interface. To setup the documents download settings, go to Tools > Options > Web Interface. Read more about this under Document Download Settings.

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