Web API Server Configuration

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Using the Web API you can remotely access and update your RangerMSP system via HTTP and easily integrate with your own applications. The Web API components run as part of the CRM Server service which is used for the Email Connector and Alerts Server modules.


By default the RangerMSP Server will support API calls that come over port 4964 but you can change that by editing the following file:

  • \RangerMSP\Server\CmtWSrv.ini

Also, the API is divided into two modules:

  1. DbQry - this lets you query data
  2. DbEng - this lets you add/edit data.

You need to enable each API module separately and set up a password for each. This password is then provided when you connect remotely and only once the password is validated (and the module (DbQry / DbEng) is enabled), a received request is performed.

You enable these API modules by editing the following files (e.g. configure the setting to ON):

  • \RangerMSP\Server\CmtWPDbEng.ini
  • \RangerMSP\Server\CmtWPDbQry.ini

Note: After any .ini file change you must RESTART the 'CRM Server' service on your server.