VB.NET API Library Setup

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Decompress the downloaded archive to a destination folder of your choice. In the root folder CRM-VB.NET you’ll find two solution files:

  • CRM-VB.NET-2008.sln – for Visual Studio 2008
  • CRM-VB.NET-2010.sln – for Visual Studio 2010

Depending of what version is installed on the local computer, open the one or the other solution file.

The distributed files are plain source files (there are no precompiled files included), so you’ll have to rebuild the whole solution.

After everything is compiled, locate the Module1.vb file in the Sample1 project and ensure that config.DllFolder and config.DbFolder point to the correct paths on your computer (<your-server>\RangerMSP\ThirdParty\UserDev and <your-server>\RangerMSP\Db accordingly)..

The file has many comments explaining each step, we recommend examining Module1.vb source file before executing the compiled program. In a nutshell, the sample will search for an account (if it doesn’t find it, it will create new one), and then demonstrates adding/searching for a ticket and adding/listing charges.

To use the library in your own project you’ll have to reference the CRMLib.dll (the DLL will be created after compiling the source code).

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