Rolling-over Hours

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User Manuals | Billing | Rolling-over Hours

In some cases, you may want to roll-over blocks of hours in contracts, when the contract period has ended but the Contract hours defined in the Block of Time were not fully used.

In this case you can use one of the following options:

  1. Add hours manually to the new Contract: Renew the Contract and change the initial block value from the Contract menu > Modify Initial Block Value.
    The down side of this option is that when this contract will be copied/renewed to the next period it'll be copied with the updated Block value, rather than the original one.
  2. Reduce Hours from the new Contract (recommended): Under the new Contract add a new hourly based Charge. In the Hours amount, enter a negative hours amount representing the amount of time you want to roll-over. For example, to roll two hours enter -2 (minus two) hours Charge and the customer will now have 2 more hours to use until the new Contract block is fully consumed. In the Charge description you can write: "Rolling hours from last month".

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