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Getting Started

Advanced Use

How can I customize RangerMSP reports?

To customize RangerMSP reports:

  1. Open the Reports window
  2. Select the report you want to customize
  3. Click Copy on the toolbar and enter your new report name.
  4. The copied report is now selected.
  5. Click the Design button from the toolbar, and the report designer will open.
  6. Design the report layout and save your changes.

How can I delete a custom report?

To delete a custom report:

  1. Open the Reports window.
  2. Choose the relevant Category and click the Custom Reports button beneath the Categories list to view the custom reports list.
  3. Choose the custom report you want to delete.
  4. From the main menu, choose Reports > Delete.

I want to create a custom report. How do I select the existing report I wish to copy for using as a basis for the new custom report?

It is very important to identify an existing report which can serve as the basis for the customized report you wish to create. You must take into consideration when choosing the report both its layout and its data structure. Every report has predefined data source relations and fields that can be selected.

How can I add new data fields and labels to a report?

To add new data field to a custom report, select a DBText button from the report designer toolbar and place it where desired in the report layout. With the newly created field selected, select the appropriate Data Field from the drop down list on the toolbar, which is located on the upper left corner.

Where can I find the customized reports?

All customized reports are listed under the same report categories once the Custom Reports radio button has been selected on the Reports window.

How can I embed my company logo in RangerMSP reports?

The Report header can be designed with your textual header (with your company name, etc.) and your logo. The Report header is defined once for all reports and can be edited from the Tools menu. The Report header includes two parts: Text and Image (usually your Logo).

See more details in Reports Image Header.

I changed the report header using the Options window, but when I preview a report the new header is not there, What should I do?

In order to increase report generation performance RangerMSP loads report headers once per login. You should log out from RangerMSP and log in again for the header changes to take effect.

Can I email a report?

You can save RangerMSP reports as PDF files using any of the standard PDF creation tools (Adobe Acrobat, PDF Maker, etc.). You can then email the file to your customers.

Starting with RangerMSP 5.0 you can print reports directly to PDF from the report generation window by using the "Print to file" button in the report generation window. When using this option, the system allows you to save to a PDF file or email the output PDF file directly from the report generation window. When emailing the report, this email will be filed under the relevant account, together with the attached PDF report.

Can I change the page size used for reports (Letter/A4)?

Yes. Go to Tools > Options > Reports > Default Paper Size settings.

How can I do calculations in RangerMSP reports?

Field based calculations – Average, Sum, Minimum etc. - can be calculated in the report designer.

From the toolbar select the DbCalc field and place it on the Group Footer or Report Summary bands. Then select the DbCalc field and assign the relevant data field to it using the drop down field selection list on the toolbar (Note: Calculations work only with numeric and date fields) Amount).

To select the DbCalc field formula – right-click on a Calc field and select Calculations… A window will open where you can select the formula.

I customized a report and some fields are not printing in the right place. How can I fix this problem?

This question describes the following problem: You have customized a RangerMSP report, and it looks fine on the screen while being edited in the report designer. However, when you actually run the report, some of the fields are printed in a higher or lower location than they had appeared on the screen.

To solve this problem, open the customized report in the report designer, select a field that is not displaying in the right place, right-click it and select 'ShiftWithParent'. Repeat this for all the fields that are not printing in the right place.

My report header doesn't display correctly. How can I have it restored from a backup?

The RangerMSP Report Header can be edited to fit your businesses needs from Tools > Options > Reports. Once the header has been edited, this change will take effect on every report which displays a header section. In some cases, you may want to restore the customized header after you already changed it. The Header itself is saved in a file in your RangerMSP installation folder, and restoring it from a backup will return the original header you were using.

The report header file is located at \RangerMSP\DbSys\ReportHeader.Rtf.

  • Please note that this file must not be edited manually! You must edit the header from within the application only, using the Tools > Options window.

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