Regular Expressions

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Regular Expressions in RangerMSP are used by RangerMSP Email Connector. When RangerMSP Email Connector processes email replies coming from Customers or Employees, it adds the text of the reply to the Ticket History. It is a challenge to add only the actual new text in the last reply to the Ticket History each time, since most email replies include the whole thread and it should ignore all of the text related to previous communications. The Regular Expressions feature lets you define advanced rules for removing repeating text from incoming emails, prior to logging the Email text in the Ticket History. This feature is used by RangerMSP Email Connector when processing incoming emails and logging them in the Ticket history.

RangerMSP comes populated with a predefined set of expressions which work well with several email formats, such as Outlook®, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. Regular Expressions can be viewed and set up via the main Settings menu under Regular Expressions.

In cases when the existing set of rules failed to discover “old” text, such as when your customers are using less popular email clients, or when they customize the way a popular email client works, you may want to add new rules so the “old” text will be identified and removed next time an email is received.

Note: In case “old” text has made its way to the Ticket History, you can select to Edit the Email Message text and manually remove it. To edit the message in RangerMSP select the More Actions > Edit Email Message option, from the Email Message entry in History. Each new rule includes a name and the actual Regular Expression formula.

RangerMSP supports standard regular expressions formulas (as used by the Perl scripting language). Regular Expressions is a powerful tool; however, it requires deep understanding of how regular expressions work. To learn more about regular expressions search the Web for “Regular Expressions”, or “Regex”. This is an advanced option and only users who have the relevant privilege in RangerMSP have access to edit the expressions.

Allowing users to edit the Regular Expressions is done via the Privileges window, using the Regular Expression privilege.