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When syncing with Outlook, I receive the error message, "Error syncing ... Could not find the Outlook folder”

Solution: This error message appears when syncing your own folder or when using the "Sync Other Users Data” option.

If you receive this error message, there is most likely a problem with your access privileges. In order to successfully sync your RangerMSP information with Outlook or another user’s calendar, you must have full access rights to the appropriate Outlook folders on the Exchange server.

A good way to check whether you have full access rights to the necessary folders is by running the Outlook client on your desktop and opening the folders of the user with whom you want to sync your information. Make sure that you can add/update/delete Appointments, Tasks, and Contacts in the relevant folders. Once you verify that you have access to all of this user’s Outlook folders, the Outlook sync should be successful. If you determine that you do have full access rights to the necessary folders but you continue to receive this error message, please contact RangerMSP Support at support@RangerMSP.com.

Note: If any Privilege settings are changed, make sure to reselect the folders of each of the users with whom you are trying to sync your information. To do this, run the RangerMSP client for each user, go to Tools > Options > Outlook, click the "Select" button, and reselect the correct folder for synchronizing.

When syncing the appointments from Outlook to RangerMSP, all appointments except the recurring ones get passed from Outlook to RangerMSP, leaving the recurring ones only in Outlook.

Solution: Recurring appointments are implemented in different ways in Outlook and RangerMSP, and this creates a limitation which allows transferring recurring appointments only from RangerMSP to Outlook. This means that recurring appointments which were originally created in Outlook are not transferred to RangerMSP when syncing. Our recommendation is to create recurring appointments in RangerMSP and transfer them to Outlook.

It is generally recommended to use RangerMSP as the main dispatching tool, and just transfer the appointments to Outlook for the technicians to have them updated in their personal calendars – this method will avoid such issues.

When syncing other users data I get the message: "Could not find Outlook folders to sync. To include an Outlook folder in this sync, each user should set the relevant Outlook folder/s to be included for syncing by others".

Syncing other users data is done by accessing their public folders on your Exchange server. This means that each user must first login to RangerMSP and define their own Outlook sync settings, to configure the system with which Outlook folders it should sync each user. Only then, their data can be synchronized by others.

To sync other users data:

  1. An Exchange® Server must be used in order for users to be able to access public folders.
  2. Each user should:
    1. Login to RangerMSP with their own username and password.
    2. Go to Tools > Options > Outlook and choose a public Outlook folder to sync in each tab (Accounts, Tasks, Appointments).
    3. Each user should sync at least once to make sure all is working good for them.
    4. In each tab also check the Tools > Options > Outlook tab > Allow other users to sync Accounts/Tasks/Appointments for me flag.
  3. Make sure a your system administrator provides full access rights to the public Outlook® folders on your Exchange Server, so any user can synchronize those folders.
  4. Login to RangerMSP with any user and sync for all other users from Tools > Synchronize Outlook > Sync Other Users Data.
  5. To perform the sync automatically in the background, see Automatic Sync.

Error: It is not possible to sync with the Appointments folder since it was synchronized by another user

When setting up an Outlook folder to be synced to a RangerMSP user, the system takes note of the folder being synced and locks that folder from being able to be selected as any other users sync folder. This is done to prevent user folders being synced to the wrong account once the folder has been set up once.

If you need to have a new RangerMSP user have the ability to sync to an Outlook account, we suggest creating a new empty folder in MS Outlook, and setting the sync up to that folder. Also, once you’ve set up the sync, you can then populate the MS Outlook folder with the relevant older data from the old folder.

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