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Outlook Email

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Outlook Email

Can I link my emails from Outlook to RangerMSP?

Yes. You can drag emails directly from MS Outlook/Outlook Express and drop them into RangerMSP. The email will be filed in RangerMSP under the selected Account, Ticket, Contract or Sales Opportunity. Double click on the email document record in RangerMSP and the email will open in an Outlook email window together with all its attachments.

Note: The email is copied from Outlook. Deleting it from Outlook will not affect it within RangerMSP.


You can also drag-and-drop any other file (.doc, .xls, .PDF etc.) for filing in RangerMSP.

Can I send an email from RangerMSP?

Yes. You can click the Email field label in Accounts or the Email button on the Documents page to initiate a new email using Outlook. RangerMSP will open a new email window and the email address/attachment will appear.

Can I set a personal signature for emails sent from RangerMSP?

Yes. You can create a personal signature to be used in emails sent with RangerMSP. The signature can be edited from the Employee window under the Employee tab or from Tools > Options… > Accounts tab.

How do I get my email into the program? There is nowhere to set POP3/SMTP settings?

You do not need to set your email settings in RangerMSP. RangerMSP doesn't replace your email application but rather integrates with it. RangerMSP works with MS Outlook and Outlook Express. You can drag and drop email from Outlook and file it in RangerMSP. You can also create a new email message within RangerMSP, which will open a new Outlook email window.


Can I synchronize RangerMSP with mobile devices/PDAs?

Yes. You can sync RangerMSP with mobile devices/PDAs thru Outlook. The RangerMSP-Outlook Sync module supports a two-way sync between RangerMSP and Outlook. Therefore it can be used to sync with devices that support standard syncs with Outlook.

Learn more about the RangerMSP-Outlook Sync module.

What information is synced with the RangerMSP-Outlook Sync module?

The RangerMSP-Outlook Sync module supports bi-directional synchronization with Outlook for the following components:

  • Outlook Contacts are synced with RangerMSP Accounts
  • Outlook Calendar Appointments are synced with RangerMSP Appointments
  • Outlook Tasks are synced with RangerMSP Tasks

Where do I configure the Outlook sync settings?

To configure the RangerMSP-Outlook sync settings, in RangerMSP go to Tools > Options > Outlook tab.

Are the Outlook sync configuration settings on a per user or per office basis?

All the RangerMSP-Outlook Sync configuration settings are on a per user basis. Modifying them affects only your personal synchronization.

Can the Outlook Sync be automatically activated?

Yes, you can do this using the the Auto-Sync option, which allows setting the system to automatically synchronize with Outlook® at a selected interval. this option can be used for your own data or other users’ data as well.

This option is available from the Tools menu > Synchronize Outlook > Auto Sync option.

You can also save the auto-sync settings between sessions. This means that next time you sign into RangerMSP, the auto-sync settings will be automatically loaded and the synchronization will occur automatically, as defined in the auto-sync settings. This option is available from the Tools menu > Synchronize Outlook > Auto Sync > Save Auto Sync Settings.

Is there any risk involved in synchronizing private data, such as Appointments, Contacts, or Tasks?

Appointments and Tasks which are defined as private in Outlook will retain their private definition in RangerMSP, and vice versa.

However, RangerMSP does not allow Contacts to be defined as private. Therefore, private contacts that are synchronized from Outlook with RangerMSP will become available for all users in RangerMSP.
You can select not to sync Outlook private contacts with RangerMSP.

Does the RangerMSP-Outlook Sync module also sync recurring items from RangerMSP?

Yes, recurring appointments and tasks are synchronized with Outlook as standard appointments and tasks, and you can edit them in Outlook. Updates to these records in Outlook are synced back to RangerMSP. However, recurring records created in Outlook are not transferred into RangerMSP.

Can I change which Outlook folder is being synchronized with RangerMSP?

Yes. In RangerMSP, go to Tools > Options… > Outlook tab, select the subject tab (Accounts/Tasks/Appointments) and click on Select… to select the Outlook folder that you want to sync with RangerMSP.

Note that the original folder will no longer synchronize with RangerMSP. However, you can always go back and select this folder to sync it with RangerMSP.

What is the difference between syncing with Outlook and importing from Outlook?

RangerMSP allows you to import your Outlook contacts into RangerMSP. When importing, every Outlook contact creates a RangerMSP Account record. Importing records is a one-way data transfer process from Outlook into RangerMSP.

The RangerMSP-Outlook Sync module supports two-way data synchronization. Additions and changes performed in one program are transferred to the other.

Another difference between importing and synchronizing Outlook and RangerMSP data is that with the import feature, you can only import Outlook Contacts. The synchronization module allows information from Contacts, Appointments and Tasks to be transferred.

Can RangerMSP synchronize with Outlook Business Contact Manager?

The RangerMSP-Outlook Sync module allows you to sync standard Outlook folders. Business Contact Manager (BCM) uses a different folder standard, so to sync BCM contacts you'll need to transfer them to a standard Outlook folder (.pst file type) and then perform the synchronization with this new Outlook folder.

How can I sync RangerMSP with Outlook®/Exchange folder?

Using the RangerMSP-Outlook Sync module you can sync Outlook® data (locally or from Exchange server) with RangerMSP.
Sync settings are set in Tools > Options... > Outlook tab.

How can I sync other user's Outlook folders?

The RangerMSP-Outlook Sync module lets a single user perform a sync for other users. For example, the Dispatcher can now schedule on-site visits for technicians and select to sync their Outlook with RangerMSP in a single click (Exchange® server is required).

To sync other users data, go to Tools > Synchronize Outlook > Sync Other Users Data and then choose which data to sync.

Note: Users who wish to allow other users to sync their Outlook® folders, should set the flag in Tools > Options > Outlook tab > Allow other users to sync Accounts/Tasks/Appointments for me. This flag should be set separately for Accounts, Tasks and Appointments, each in its own tab under the options window.

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