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Since RangerMSP is a network based application, it is highly dependent on continuous network communication traffic. For this reason, some computers may be configured or used in a way that could temporarily stop network traffic. When diagnosing network traffic issues, it is important to properly assess the situation and gather as much information as possible, in order to quickly identify the problem.

How do I know that I have Network Issues?

Network issues are rather difficult to diagnose, since the problem can be caused by hardware as well as software. If you think you have network issues or any other unexplained issues, then the best way to find out the lingering issue is to send us the RangerMSP log files. Once we determine the specific issue, we'll reply with the specific cause of the problem, and suggested steps to resolve the issue.


When dealing with network communications traffic issues for RangerMSP, the issue can be Software based, Socket based, or Network based. The following information can greatly ease the diagnosis flow:

  • Does the problem only show in 1 computer?
  • If the one computer network cable is conntected to a different network socket, does the issue persist?
  • Does this happen with multiple computers?
  • Does this happen with all computers?

Network Troubleshooting

System based network issues

When the problem is restricted to 1 computer, the problem is usually caused by certain configuration options, and protective solutions; however, it is always good practice to make sure that the network card on the computer in question is fully functional, with up to date drivers.

  • The only software that would hinder communications with the RangerMSP server enough to cause an error to be sent out is a Firewall. If you have any active software firewalls, it is suggested to temporarily disable all firewalls installed on the computer, and restarting the RangerMSP client. If the RangerMSP client works as it should, then you should re-activate each firewall you’ve disabled while restarting the RangerMSP client, to see which firewall needs an exception set for RangerMSP.
  • If the Network issues only present itself while the computer is idle for long periods of time, then we suggest checking the power settings for the computer to make sure that the computer does not hibernate/sleep/power down the hard disks, as well as automated shutdown mechanisms that put the computer to sleep once the lid has been closed. Actions like these can stop network communication, causing the system to lose the connection by the time the network has reacquired the connection.
  • Laptops also have an automatic mechanism that can shut the hard disks down if the laptop has been moved abruptly. Also, all MS Windows operating systems come with a default hardware setting that powers down the Network Interface (Network Card), in the event that the computer is idle for extended periods of time. These types of protective software configurations can also cause network instability; however, only in extreme rare cases.

Socket Based network issues

  • If the issue is limited to a group of network sockets, then this is usually due to a bandwidth overload in the routing switch (This would mean that the group of sockets share the same switch), and therefore must be investigated, treated, and possibly replaced as quickly as possible.
  • If this is the case, the issue may be temporary; however, this must be treated since overload issues may repeat easily. This theory can be easily tested by benchmarking the network traffic capabilities on the affected servers, and measuring if the ping is fast enough, and if the speed is normal.

Network-Wide issues

  • Network wide traffic issues could mean that there’s a problem with a main network junction; however, if the network wide issues are only related to RangerMSP, then this means that the network wide RangerMSP issues are due to system based problem localized to the server RangerMSP is installed on.
  • The best way to test this is to run through all the steps in the System based Network issues chapter; and if unsuccessful, transferring the RangerMSP system to another computer would be the next step which will allow you to quickly resume your CRM duties while you troubleshoot the system wide issue on the previous server.

SQL Database Users

  • Customers that utilize the various features that the SQL Database for RangerMSP also benefit from increased network performance and security, so these types of errors are much less likely to occur. The troubleshooting steps are basically the same; however, the following document is specialized in troubleshooting all types of communication issues with the SQL Database.

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