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Can other employees see my Messages?

In order for other employees to see your messages you need to share your mail folders. Right click on the folder > Share folder. Set your password for sharing permissions. Provide the password to the employees that you want them to read you messages.

These employees should go to Other employees’ mail in the main Messages window and select your name from the list. They will be prompted to enter your password. After they enter the password they will have permission to access your mail folders unless you modify your password or remove the sharing permissions.

Note: By default, messages that are linked to Accounts/Tickets/Opportunities/Contracts can be viewed by all employees from the Msg./History tabs. This is the case even if the message wasn't sent to them. If you don’t want the message to appear in Msg./History tab, uncheck Show in History and Msg. tabs.

Is the Message module in RangerMSP an internal messaging system?

RangerMSP enables you to send internal messages within the program. This means you can send messages to other users in RangerMSP. All messages will enter the recipient's inbox in RangerMSP. You can send messages from the Messages window, from the 'Msg.' tabs or by clicking the toolbar's Send Message icon. You can easily email a selected message by clicking on the Send Email button, which will open a new MS-Outlook/ Outlook Express email window that contains the content of the message sent in RangerMSP.