Managing Prospects

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Prospects (i.e. lead or potential customer) in RangerMSP are managed in RangerMSP as Accounts. You can set the account’s Type field to read as "Lead" or "Prospect" until it becomes a real customer. While an account is classified as a lead, you can manage all the related information for this account, such as appointments, tasks, sales opportunities, documents, and more.

In each lead’s Account file you can keep detailed information about potential customers. You can filter information by the different fields, allowing you to target specific customers. For example, you can find all prospects from a specific area that might be interested in a specific service.

Opportunities for Prospect Customers

While the lead is in process, the sale stages and process can be managed under Opportunities in RangerMSP.

Each Sales Opportunity should be associated with an Account, and each Opportunity represents a potential sale (of a service contract, equipment sale, etc.). Once an Opportunity is won, you can turn it into a work order, for example, create a contract out of a Sales opportunity.

You may also wish to manage a Quote for the sale, and for this you can use either RangerMSP Quotes, or integrate with QuoteWerks.

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