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The RangerMSP Live Data Pane provides insights and updates about the current status of your business.

For example, you can see the current –

  • Number of tickets assigned to you
  • Number of tickets with immediate priority
  • Number of hours you logged today
  • Total amount of Sales Opportunities you manage
  • Number of expiring Assets this week.

The Live Data Pane comes with predefined database queries grouped by subject. Each user can easily choose which queries to show, allowing personal view for each user.

Live Data Pane Features:

  • Automatically refreshes so you always see real-time data.
  • Easily remove, add and reorder your preferred data boxes.
  • Configure colors, including highlighting when certain levels are reached.
  • Click the live data boxes to drill down and see the data behind the numbers!

Using Live Data Pane

Live Data Pane is displayed in the right-hand side pane in the main application window. To add new Data Boxes:

  1. Click the ‘+’ icon on the bottom part of the pane. Note that you can add up to 20 data boxes.
  2. Select the tab with the relevant data source.
  3. Choose the query you want to display and click ‘Add’

  4. Query Filter:
    Set data box properties:
    • Name (Custom) - enter a name for this query. This name will be displayed in the data box title
    • Employee - The employee selected here will be used in the query, depending on the query type. The employee may indicate the Account/Ticket/Opportunity Manager, the employee who logged the charge, the technician assigned to an appointment etc.
    • Date Range - The date range selected here will be used in the query, depending on the selected query. The date range may indicate the Ticket’s open or closed date, Ticket’s due date, Charge’s date, Asset’s warranty expiration date, Contract’s start or end date and etc.
  5. Display settings: In the Display settings tab you can set the display properties.

    • Text Color Rules - Here you can determine the text color according to boundaries you define. Possible colors are blue, green or red. For example, show result in red if result value is between 1-100.
    • Background Color - The background color is static, and is not related to the value. It helps you easily locate the more important items on the Live Data Pane.
    • Text Style - Allows you to show the results for this item as bold.
  6. After setting all properties, click OK to add the new data box to the pane.

Live Data item options:

When hovering over each Data Box, you can:

  • Click the arrow button to display the Data Box Options menu.
  • Click the number in the data box to drill down and display the data behind the numbers (see below)

The settings menu allows you to:

  • Open the data box setting window.
  • Remove the data box from the pane.
  • Move the data box up or down in the list.

Click the number in the data box to drill down and display the data behind the numbers

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