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When holiday season comes around, many businesses go on vacation. We find it useful to show how you can take a short vacation, while service tickets are automatically received by the system and then automatically responded to with a cheery holiday note displaying the time of your return, as well as the fact that the ticket is being processed even during the holiday.

Email Connector

When using the RangerMSP Email Connector, an automated response is sent to any customer creating a ticket over email. To edit the automated response, we suggest accessing the Email Connector configuration utility (\Server\RangerMSP\ServerConfig.exe) > Email Connector tab > Scroll Down until you see the Responses section. Here you can select from a list of Email Templates. You can prepare one (or several) in advance specifically for vacations or other reasons.

When creating the automated response Email Template, we suggest adding a few details like:

  • Vacation Duration
  • Holiday Greetings (if any)
  • Emergency Contact Number

ServerConfig Settings

Important Note: Once the automated response has been changed, the RangerMSP Server service should to be restarted on your server, so that RangerMSP Email Connector will immediately refresh the Response text.

  • Also, it’s just as important to change the Template back once you return to the office.

Web Interface

Businesses that use the RangerMSP Web Interface have the option to embed the RangerMSP Web Interface login page into their own web pages. Those businesses that have opted to use this feature can place a “vacation disclaimer” on their webpage possibly right under the embedded login page. This way, your customers that are more comfortable with the Web Interface, can know about your personal vacation even before they log in and create a new ticket.

  • For more information regarding embedding the Web Interface Login Page, please click here.

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