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Using RangerMSP Web Interface, you can only configure ports higher than 1024. This restriction may pose a problem if you want to allow users to access the Web Interface using your domain name (which defaults to port 80) rather than providing them the specific port (e.g. 4961 which is the default port for the RangerMSP Web Interface).


To allow users to access the Web Interface using your domain name (via port 80):

  1. Keep the Web Interface port as is (the detault is port 4961, you can set other ports higher than 1024).
  2. Set your firewall to translate the external port 80 (or 443 in case of using SSL) to the real Web Interface port (4961) using a NAT rule (Network Address Translation).


  • The redirection will only apply for the initial login page display. From this point on, all traffic will be performed on the real port used by the RangerMSP Web Interface (i.e. port 4961 by default), and you need to allow the traffic for this port on your firewall.
  • Note that the solution described above is required only if you want to provide your customers with a "nicer" login URL using your domain name. Alternatively you can provide them with a link to the login page on your Web site or embed the login page into your Web site. See more details in Embedding a login page in your web site.