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When technicians need to travel onsite, all the gas used and miles traveled create expenses just to keep the vehicle running and in good health. Many technicians commute from appointment, and the need to charge your customers for miles traveled becomes more and more of an issue. RangerMSP was designed to help you bill your customers for these charges.

Tracking Mileage

Mileage is tracked in RangerMSP using unit based Expense Items, where each unit represents the price for each mile). You can then select this Item for a Charge you enter under a Ticket or an Account and log the amount of miles to bill (or just to track in case you don't bill your customer for it).

In cases where you do not bill customers for mileage but still want to track mileage in your business you can create a special "dummy" account for mileage tracking, and use it in order to track traveling expenses. When creating mileage charges, simply select this account for the charge; this way the charge will not be linked to the customer, and you will not charge them for this. You can specify the customer name in the charge description.

You can then track the mileage by employee (the employee who enters the charges), by filtering the charge list to only show charges made to the dummy account by specific employees in a specific time frame. You can also print various Charge reports and filter them to include on Mileage charges (select the Expense Item you created to track mileage for this).

Generating Mileage Reports

When you wish to track the mileage, simply generate a Charges report and filter it by the mileage item.

Monitoring Vehicle Miles

In case you have vehicles which you provide to your employees, you can link the charge to a specific vehicle. To do this you may consider using the charge's Field1 for this purpose (if it is not used for something else), and then you will be able to filter the charges by employees and specific vehicles. When using a field in order to monitor mileage for a vehicle, all you need to do is store the different identification tags (License Plate) for all your vehicles in the dropdown menu for the customizable field (and optionally renaming the field). Once you have entries created for each vehicle, you can select the vehicle in each mileage charge you create.