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Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

When working with RangerMSP, it provides various keyboard shortcuts which are quite helpful, such as:

  1. Ctrl+G - in various windows, such as New Ticket, New Appointment and more, you can click Ctrl+G when you are done updating all the information in the window. This will save the change and close the window.
  2. Ctrl+T - This will activate the Timer from anywhere, and will automatically link it to the currently selected entity. For example, if you are viewing a Ticket, you can click Ctrl+T and the Timer will be opened, linked to the selected Ticket.
  3. Ctrl+M - in the Tickets window, this will set the selected Ticket as completed
  4. Switching views (e.g. when viewing the Tickets window):
    1. Ctrl+D will display complete details, Ctrl+K will display List and Details.
    2. Ctrl+L will display a list and Ctrl+E will display the list with details.
  5. Ctrl+S to save your changes.
  6. Ctrl+N to create New entities.
  7. Ctrl+P to print.
  8. Ctrl+W to open the Accounts window from anywhere.
  9. F8 (powerful!) to automatically open selection lists in all fields, including in Account selection, Asset selection, predefined text selection, drop down list selection fields, etc.