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In RangerMSP, the Ticket Status field has a fixed number of possible values. The statuses themselves can be renamed (via Tools > Options > Tickets (Admin) > Customize Status Values). Each Ticket status also has an applicative meaning (Ticket statuses are tied into the workflow), and also after renaming it, it will continue to behave in the same way.

Tickets Applicative Usage

The Ticket status can be automatically updated by the system in certain events.

For example:

  • When dispatching a ticket, the status automatically is changed to "Scheduled"
  • When completing a ticket (via the Completed button) the ticket status changes to "Completed"
  • When setting the ticket Close Date, the system suggests to change the status to "Completed" automatically

Closing and Reopening Tickets:

When closing tickets in RangerMSP, the system adds the time the ticket was closed to the ticket info under the Close Date field, so that you can see how long the ticket was open, as well as how long has passed since you've last maintained an asset. Once a ticket has been closed, the ticket can be reopened so that your employees can follow up with any tasks that were not performed. When reopening a ticket, the Close date will be cleared from the ticket info, so that you can continue work on the ticket and have it closed again later.

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