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In RangerMSP, the Ticket Status field has a fixed number of possible values. The statuses themselves can be renamed (via Tools > Options > Tickets (Admin) > Customize Status Values); however, new statuses cannot be added to the system. In order to have more status categorization options, we suggest using the Tickets > Details tab > Status Ext. field.

Using the Status Extension Field

The Ticket's Status Ext. field can be used in order to refine the ticket status field. You can define a list of "sub-statuses" in this field, and use it when relevant. This is useful in case you need more "sub-statuses" in order to track the exact scenario, but you do not wish to utilize the main ticket status for this. For example, when you set the ticket as Completed, you can set this field to be "Pending Billing", or "Pending Approval", etc. The ticket is still "Completed", but you can track any additional pending issue with it.

Basically, this is very flexible, and you can use it for your own needs. You can also rename this field (right-click and select Field Settings) and use it for any other purposes you can think of.