KB: Resetting Saved Windows Configuration

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Using the Saves Windows Configuration feature, you can configure the windows within the application as you wish, and then save the current display, so next time you log into the system, it will display the same windows, filters and layout (this option is available from Windows > Save Current Open Windows Configuration for Next Logins)

In some case, you may wish to stop RangerMSP from loading the saved windows configuration every time you open the program. This can be done as explained below.


To stop the saved windows configuration from loading each time you login to the program you may consider two options:

  • You can close all windows in the application, and then use save the configuration (via the Windows menu). This will save the current configuration (i.e. no windows) and next time you login, the application will open without any default windows.
  • Alternatively, you can go to <server>\RangerMSP\DbSys\ and delete the file starting with " UserWindows_", which ends with your user name. This file contains your own saved configuration. Deleting it will make the application open without any saved configuration, using the system default view.

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