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When updating referenced information in your data tabs (Tickets, History, Charges, Assets, Pending, etc.), you may wish to refresh the data shown in the screen at that moment. The RangerMSP system has 2 different types of refresh button, which offer somewhat different functionality, in order to allow you added flexibility when updating large amounts of data in the system. We’ll be covering the benefits of both buttons in this article.

Global Refresh

Using this refresh button will repopulate your screen with up-to-date information from the RangerMSP database. Using this method will refresh both your data grid, and the referenced data within your data tabs. Since this method refreshes the list with an updated list, the cursor position is also reset, and the list will be reverted to the first item in the list.

  • This option is very useful when you or other RangerMSP users have been adding new entities to your data list, and the indexed list you’re looking at may not be up to date. If you feel the data shown in your list is not up to date anymore, then attempt the refresh process pointed out in the following screenshot.

Local Refresh

This option allows you to only refresh the tab that you’re looking at without having to reload the whole data grid (and without resetting your selected list entity). Since the information that other users is not pushed to your screen, the updated information may need to be refreshed, in a manner that will not make you have to relocate the entity you were refreshing.

  • This method is useful when you or colleagues have been adding lots of data to the same tab that you’re looking at.