KB: Moving Tickets From One Account to Another

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Note that the below instructions apply to RangerMSP versions prior to 6.2 - if you have v6.2 or above then you can simply use Tickets > Tools > Move Ticket to Another Account - see Move Ticket to Another Account


The service tickets created for each Account are created with a permanent link to the account it’s created for, which cannot be transferred to a different account. However, sometimes it is required to move tickets that were mistakenly created for the wrong account.

Note: if you need to merge two accounts data (move all Tickets, Charges, Contacts, etc.), you should use the Account Merge utility. This article discussed transferring a single Ticket to a different Account.


The following will show you how to copy a ticket to a different account, even if it already has additional database entries (Charges, Documents, Messages, History Notes, Appointments, Tasks, etc.) created for the service ticket. The following method will work for all tickets, even if they’re already closed.

Copying the ticket details

The first step in moving a service ticket is to copy the main ticket data to a new ticket. This can easily be done by right clicking a service ticket and selecting Copy… once this has been done, all text filled in the ticket will also be copied with the main ticket container. Don’t forget to take note of the old ticket number and the new ticket number, once you’ve copied the ticket.

Moving referenced items to the new ticket

Once you have created the new ticket, all the appointments, tasks, charges, and history notes are ready to be moved to the new ticket. The easiest way to do this is to select every item in the pending/charges/history/docs/msgs tabs of the original ticket, and reselect the newly created ticket. This will effectively move the subsequent entries to the new ticket, also adjusting the account and contact you’ve selected while creating the new ticket in the previous section.


Once all the steps have been followed, you should now have a new ticket with all the entries and info that has been accumulated during the lifetime of the original ticket. All that’s left to do is mark the new ticket as closed, if needed. Also, at this point, you have the option to delete the original ticket that you copied to the new account; however, be sure to locate the older ticket first, in order to make sure you don’t delete the new ticket.