KB: Issues when sending a second email using MS Outlook

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We have recently received the following inquiry and solution form one of our users:


When I hit the email button to send an email for a ticket, outlook sends the email out successfully; however, if I do any other tickets after the first one, I get an error box with a "Failed to send E-mail" message. The only way to email numerous tickets to various clients is to close RangerMSP and restart RangerMSP (not computer) and do one email at a time....

--End Quotation--


The error was related to: RPC server is unavailable, which is a general networking issue.

The user has resolved the problem by starting the service called:

remote procedure call (RPC) locator

it was set to start manually

This is a different service than the main service which is called

remote procedure call(RPC)

Worth trying in case you encounter this issue, as this has proven successful in a few occasions already.