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Many IT repair shops provide service to walk-in customers in addition to the regular customers. These are usually one-time clients that bring you a PC or other device for repair, or any other one-time service.

Usually when a new customer walks into your shop and hand you a PC to fix (or anything else) there are a few tasks that needs to be done – you need to add the customer contact information into the system, you need to add a new service ticket for their PC repair, optionally you may also want to add an Asset record for their PC (so you can track service history at the device level, not only the customer level.


A possible way to approach this procedure is via the New Ticket window as explained below:

Accepting the Job

  1. From the main File menu select File > New > Ticket. The New Ticket window opens
  2. Selecting Account –
    1. You may want to create a new Account for each walk-in customer. This is recommended and can help you track their history if they come in again in the future. To easily create the Account from the New Ticket window, click the + sign/button to add a new Account directly from the Account field.

      Enter the customer's details and click OK.
    2. Alternatively, if you do not want to create a new Account for each customer, you can create a dedicated "Walk-in Customer" Account and link all Tickets to this Account. Then, enter the customer details in the Ticket description.
  3. If you want to track the service at the device level, click the + sign to add an Asset from the Asset field (same as in the Account field above). Enter the device details and click OK.
  4. If you need to add another Contact person for this customer (like if the person says that their son will pick it up and you want his details in the system) click the + sign to add a secondary contact in the Contact field (same as in the Account field above).
  5. Note that the Contract field is optional and you can simply ignore it for walk-in customers. Simply leave the selected "SYSTEM - Global System Contract" and the system will handle all Charges entered for this job as simple billable charges.
  6. Enter the Ticket description with the problem details.
  7. Click OK to save all of this and a new Ticket has just been created.
  8. Click the Print button in the toolbar to print a Technician Service Form so that the customer can take a paper with them with the Ticket number, etc. You can also print a form with a place for signature so that the customer will sign it. Basically you should design a form for this procedure, to fit your needs. See more details in Designing Service Forms below.

Fixing and Billing

  1. After you work on this job and fix the PC in your lab you should log Charges to track the time spent or parts used to resolve the problem with their PC.
  2. The customer comes to pick up the device and you want to generate an invoice.
    1. If you use QuickBooks – you can quickly generate a QuickBooks Invoice for this Ticket right from the Ticket in RangerMSP. See more details in QuickBooks Link.
    2. If you don’t use QuickBooks – you can design an invoice-like form to be printed from RangerMSP. Many users that generate “Invoices” from RangerMSP. The best option to customize an existing form as an invoice format would probably be to customize one of the “Technician Service Form including Charges1/2”. See more details about designing reports in Reports.