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The instructions below apply to versions prior to v7. For those with v7 or above, go here


The RangerMSP Email Connector module processes incoming emails, finds the RangerMSP account which matches the "From" email address of the incoming email, opens a new ticket in RangerMSP linked to that account

In some cases when you are in the field you may want to be able to create tickets by sending an email to your own support mailbox.


Usually, if you, as an employee/user in RangerMSP system send an email from your email account, it will be forwarded to manual processing and will not open any Ticket. This is because the system finds your address in the "from" address of the email.

Using the instructions below, you can learn how to create and assign a new ticket to a customer Account by sending an email from your address and using special keywords in the subject line.


This can also be used when a customer sends an email to an Employee and then the Employee forwards this mail to the connector.

The Email Connector can be configured to analyze your incoming emails by subject (in addition to the default behavior which parses the email message to match the message to accounts by the senders' address) identify the account in the email subject, and open the ticket for the relevant customer. This can be done using the Automated Emails feature in the email connector. This requires some setup steps, however, once you get it working, it can be quite helpful.

The idea is to send simply formatted emails to your support mailbox (for the email connector to process), and "teach" the email connector to identify these emails as automated (which means the system will analyze their subject in order to find the account, rather than use the "from" address).

Set Up Email Connector Automated Rules

To setup the Email Connector, you should run the ServerConfig.exe program, and go to the Email Connector tab.

1. Scroll Down to Email Processing Settings and in the Automated Emails tab add a rule for emails and use a word/phrase which will identify these email as automated.

2. Then add a rule which will teach the system how to find the company identifier in the email subject. You should first decide on the format for these emails subject, so you will have the company identifier in the subject line. For example, always put the account # in the subject between the phrase "From Customer:" and "***". This way you can send the email with such a subject:

From Customer:232***

Where "232" is the Customer Number as appears in the Customer # field.

You can prepare an email template for such cases in your email client, so you will always send it in the exact same format.

3. When the Email Connector pulls such an email from the incoming mailbox queue, it will identify these emails as automated, and will detect the company identifier according to the formatted subject. Then it will open a ticket for this customer according to this email, and will attach the email to the ticket.


  • The customer identifier in the subject should be the Account # as appears in RangerMSP's database. Alternatively you can decide on a different identifier for the company (e.g. Account Name), and keep it in another field in the account.
  • Make sure to leave the "Detect RangerMSP Accounts by the sender email address unchecked. This will affect only automated emails detection process.
  • Click here for more details on account identification rules.
  • Using this mechanism will not send an automatic email response to the customer, as it did not arrive into the system using the "regular" email-to-ticket path (i.e. customer sends an email that is being converted to a new Ticket), which allows the automated responses.

You can read more about the automated emails setup and configuration here.

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