KB: Error 6420 after Windows 10 update 1803

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As a result of the Windows 10 1803 update, when running RangerMSP application you get the following error:

Error 6420:  The 'discovery' process for the Advantage Database Server failed. Unable to connect to the Advantage Database Server.  axServerConnect


1. Configure ADS.ini under the <server>\RangerMSP\LastVer folder, open this file in Notepad and add the following settings:



  • Replace MYSERVER with the name of YOUR server
  • Replace the IP address with the LOCAL IP address of your server.
  • Replace the port number 6262 to the one used for SQL in your setup (this can be viewed by running Advantage Configuration Utility on your server, look for the port in use for your LAN).

2. Add ADS.exe, which is the SQL backend executable, through the server firewall. Then RESTART your server