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When managing your customers, sometimes you need to send out mass emails to a group of customers or all of them. Using MSWord’s Mail Merge tools, you can export a list of data from RangerMSP, which Word will take and map different table cells to different parts of the message. Mail Merge will create a unique message for each customer in the table, based on the configurations you’ve used in Mail Merge. This method makes tasks like Warranty notices, License notices, Holiday Greetings, Special Promotions, Holiday Greetings, etc. a simple task that only needs to be done once for your whole customer base.

Using Mail Merge

This topic is mildly different from version to version of MS Office, and may be subject to change in the future. For now, the screenshots detail the steps to be taken using MSWord 2003; the following steps are detailed as an example, and can be revised as needed. In this tutorial, we detail the main steps to produce a mass email for warranty expiration.


First, the data from RangerMSP needs to be exported into an Excel list before we can start the merge. The details needed for each type of mass email are different from message to message; however, some fields such as Contact Name, Company Name, Email Address, Mailing Address, etc. are needed in most emails. In addition, you can have other account, asset, charge, history, etc. merged into your message.

Using MS Word Mail Merge

The screenshots below detail how to perform a basic mail merge in MS Word 2003. From this point, the data to be merged has been saved in an excel table, and just needs to be mapped into your document, and sent out to your customers. The Mail Merge Wizard will give you all the steps needed, so all that you need to do is follow the merge flow as detailed in Word. If you’re using a different version of Word, we suggest browsing to the [[KB:_Emailing_your_customers_using_Mail_MergeSee Also section of this page, so that you can reference specific tutorials for your version of Word.

Importing Your Data File for The Merge

Previewing Your Messages Before Sending

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