KB: Email Connector and Relay Settings

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Symptom list:

No alert emails
Emails get stuck in the outbox
Email connector responses are not being sent
Email connector emails are not being forwarded to the internal mailbox
Tickets are being created but not sending responses


Many mail servers are configured not to allow SMTP clients to relay messages with the original sender information. So when these mail servers don't allow the relayed message through, it jams up the outbox sending protocol, because the system keeps trying to send an illegal message. In order to work around this issue, there are 2 suggestions.


  • Option 1 is to allow relay in your SMTP server, so that the messages can get forwarded without changing the headers.
  • Option 2 is to Reconfigure the Email Connector (<server>\Server\ServerConfig.exe Email Connector Tab) to forward emails as attachment.

To disable message relaying edit the file <installation-folder>\Server\CmtEmailConnector.ini and verify that the following token has the value of Y:


In case it is N please edit it to Y, save, and restart the CRM Server service on your server.