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As you may know by now, RangerMSP currently integrates with QuickBooks© Desktop (American, UK, Canadian and Australian versions setup in US mode) and with QuickBooks Online by using the RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link and with Xero by using the RangerMSP-Xero Link. Other Accounting solutions such as Sage Line 50©, MYOB©, PeachTree© etc. can also be used to carry out invoicing duties without using the RangerMSP-QuickBooks or RangerMSP-Xero Links.


You may be able to perform some level of integration using import & export tools (import items and customers from your accounting system and export Charges (or customers or items) from RangerMSP). We also provide an ODBC Link which allows reading the charge information from RangerMSP and API which allows you to update data in the RangerMSP database.

Exporting Charges

  • By exporting your charges, you can later import the charge list into a 3rd party Accounting Solution, which will automatically add the RangerMSP charges to be invoiced according to the imported list. This method can be done once a day/week, or even a few times a day (whenever comfortable). This method can also be used to sync accounts/customers and items/items back and forth between RangerMSP and your accounting software.
  • This method can also be used to sync your newer accounts and items to your Accounting solution, so that you don't need to enter your data twice. This can be done in both directions (Importing & Exporting).


  • Using ODBC is very similar to the first option; however, instead of exporting and importing the information, you can have it automatically retrieved from RangerMSP directly into your Accounting Solution, which will automatically add the RangerMSP charges to be invoiced, as long as your Billing Solution supports ODBC. The ODBC is an advanced option, and should be used if you've have had experience with getting ODBC applications to talk to each other.


  • Has powerful integration options which also include issuing invoices from within RangerMSP, syncing the Accounts & Items in QuickBooks to the Accounts & Items in RangerMSP. When the invoices are generated from within RangerMSP, the charge info is stored in QuickBooks, along with the rest of the invoices QuickBooks has invoiced in the past.


Xero Link allows to easily export Xero invoices based on charges entered in RangerMSP, including batch invoicing to save time by exporting any number of Xero invoices at once.


SageSync is a 3rd party plugin which provides seamless integration between RangerMSP and Sage Line 50 (UK). This add-on makes invoicing easy while also being simple to configure and use. You can read more about this Sage 50 plugin here.

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